AutoMouse 1.0

Simulates automatic mouse clicks or record mouse actions, save and play back
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AutoMouse is an automatic mouse clicker and recorder software tool that can quickly simulates automatic mouse clicks or record mouse actions, save and play back.
Besides simulating left or right mouse clicks on a fixed position on the screen at high frequency (millisecond level), AutoMouse can also do a lot of repetitive work for you with the loop function in mouse recording, which enables you to record mouse tracks and clicks then let the mouse repeat those actions in loop until you stop it by hot keys.

Once you finish recording mouse actions, you can decide to replay instantly or save records into a file to replay next time. If you want to delay the start, there is a "Replay After" option allows you to set the delay time in seconds.

Features of AutoMouse

- Simulate Clicking on a Fixed Position in a High Speed Automatically
- Record Mouse Actions and Replay
- Save Mouse Recording to a File
- Replay and Simulate Mouse Actions in Loop
- Delay Mouse Simulating and Clicking
- Both Left & Right Mouse Buttons Clicking Available
- Global Hot Keys
- Hot Keys Customization
- Multilingual: English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Danish, Hungarian, Dutch, Russian, Turkish.
- Free & Adware/Malware Clean

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